Next 4-week series: Next Class coming 2018

When: To Be Announced

Wednesday Evenings, 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Kung Fu Studio above Shakti Yoga

Please call 917-353-7363 for questions.
Where:  Shakti Yoga & Living Arts        
                 1861 Springfield Ave.                               
                 Maplewood, NJ 07040 

Cost: $15 drop-in; $50 for series

(Pre-registration required one week prior.)

Register:  973-763-2288 or

Strengthen your life force, boost your immune system

and unlock your body's healing power!


Next Series: Next Class coming 2018 

When: To Be Announced

6 Wednesday Evenings, 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm​

Kung Fu Studio above Shakti Yoga

Free Q & A: February 22, 2017:  7:00-8:00 pm

(In Debra's room in Shakti Yoga)
Where:  Shakti Yoga & Living Arts        
                 1861 Springfield Ave.                               
                 Maplewood, NJ 07040

Cost: $199 for new students; $75 for returning.

(Pre-registration required one week prior.)
Register: 973-763-2288 or

Photo of dragonflies by Debra Bernath.

The Dragon’s Way Components:

“A six-week journey . . .”

  • Stimulate and build your energy foundation:   learn 10 simple energy movements.

  • Eat natural foods for their healing essence.

  • Support healthy function of internal organs.

  • Recognize how physical discomforts indicate      an organ system imbalance.

  • Learn ways to manage stress, tension and  chronically held emotions.

  • Go deeper for maximum healing with optional herbal supplements.

Who hasn't heard of stress? It can impair the body’s normal function and have a negative effect on health and well being. Excess anger, weight gain, weight-loss, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, IBS, decreased sex drive, digestive disorders, PMS, are some of the symptoms 
due to stress.

The Dragon’s Way™ program is a powerful healing program developed by two extraordinary Qigong masters, Nan Lu, OMD, and his master, Grandmaster Xihua Xu of Yunnan, China. Together, these two masters developed a comprehensive system to re-balance the body. By balancing the body, many symptoms of stress will diminish or go away.

The Dragon’s Way Program:

  • Wu Ming Qigong Movements                        Wu Ming Qigong, or energy practice, connects your body, mind and spirit and thereby supports vibrant health.

  • Eating for Healing                                              All natural foods in The Dragon’s Way program carry a unique healing essence to help build energy and support the healthy function of your organs.

  • Framework for a Healthful Lifestyle        The Dragon’s Way includes guidance on how to change current habits that impact the body’s ability to function optimally.

  • Dragon’s Way Herbal Plan                            This program offers an optional herbal healing plan. Like foods, herbs also contain a unique blueprint or essence to support your body. Taking herbs helps accelerate the healing process and takes the body to a higher level of balance.

What You Learn:

“Take responsibility for your health and healing.”

  • Learn 7 simple energy movements to open meridians and build energy (lifeforce).

  • Learn the early warning signs of Qi or lifeforce out of balance.

  • Learn about the 3 major energy lines which pass through the breast area.

  • Learn which of the 5 major organ system is the most important for women's health. (Men's health too!)

From the Traditional Chinese medicine perspective, chronic stress and negative emotions have a powerful affect on our health and well being and can affect the smooth flow of Qi. In order for our internal organ systems to work together harmoniously, lifeforce, or Qi (intelligent energy), that powers our bodies, must flow smoothly without stagnation. This is especially important in the area of the breast where there are vital energy pathways. Stagnation begins as minor physical and/or emotional irritations, and if these symptoms are not addressed they can evolve into much more serious health issues. Prevention begins with a strong energy system.


"True Prevention begins with a strong energy system."

The 7 self-healing Wu Ming Qigong movements learned in this program stimulate the Qi flow through the vital energy pathways in the breast area. Daily repetition of these movements can help build your energy system and relieve physical issues by dispersing stagnation.

Who will benefit?

  • Anyone, men or women, seeking a preventive approach to health and well-being.

  • Anyone undergoing medical treatment or who has completed medical treatment can do these movements. They are gentle and will assist recovery.

  • Individuals with PMS symptoms.

  • Everyone: by practicing together you multiply the benefit for you and others in the class.

Wu Ming Qigong for Breast Health was developed by  Dr. Nan Lu, OMD, an expert on women's health and a Qigong master. He has written several best selling books, one of which is A Woman's Guide to Healing from Breast Cancer.

About Dr. Nan Lu, OMD, LAc

Dr. Lu holds a doctorate from Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hubei, China, and is a New York State-licensed acupuncturist. Classically and university-trained, Dr. Lu is a master herbalist as well as an internationally recognized Taiji expert and Qigong master and the best-selling author of three TCM books published by HarperCollins.

His continuing educational efforts also include the following web sites:  /  /