"During my pregnancy, 
particularly the final months, 
massages from Debra were one
of the few things that brought 
me comfort.  This is my second pregnancy and I have had other 
prenatal massages, but none of
them were as satisfying as 
Debra's.  She, unlike the other 
massage therapists I have been 
to, clearly was prepared to treat 
me while I was pregnant.  She 
asked all the right questions, she 
had all of the right pillows and 
table set up, and most importantly, she hit all of the right spots during the massage. 

I so looked forward to going to her and now that I've delivered am desperately trying to find the time make it back to her!"  
Courtney - Maplewood, NJ

​“Do yourself a favor (pregnant
or not) and book a massage with
Debra! Her Round Belly Massage
was honestly one of the best massages I've ever had. I wish I had known about her massage services earlier (I'm now in my third trimester). It was so relaxing I almost dozed off.  She applied the perfect amount of pressure and not once did I feel like I had to ask her to ease off or apply more pressure. 

The room at Shakti was nice and 
serene: clean, comfortable massage table, relaxing sound of music. The whole experience was pure bliss!” 
Marichelle - Maplewood, NJ

Round Belly Massage


(Fertility, 2nd and 3rd Trimester and Postnatal)

60 minutes ~ $90
75 minutes ~ $105 (recommended)
90 minutes ~ $130

Fertility Focused Sessions: 
Reflexology and Abdominal Massage


3/60 minutes ~ $255
3/75 minutes ~ 295
3/90 minutes ~ $365
6/60 minutes ~ $500 
6/75 minutes ~ $580
6/90 minutes ~ $710
12/75 minutes ~ $1110

(Please add 7% NJ sales tax. No tax with a doctor's note.)

Photo above of pregnant women courtesy of ABMP

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A specialized massage combining Reflexology, somatic, myofascial, neuromuscular integrative  techniques can provide the following benefits:

Perinatal Massage and Reflexology (before, during and after pregnancy)

Pregnancy is a beautiful moment in any woman’s life, from getting pregnant to after giving birth.

    Not pregnant yet?          Pregnant and counting?  Baby’s arrived!
    Massage and Reflexology         Prenatal Massage and                      Restorative Massage and
    can support the fertile               Reflexology nurtures the                Reflexology assist  pelvic,
    environment through                mother-to-be, relaxing her             abdominal and caesarean
    abdominal and pelvic                body, mind and spirit and              healing reducing pain
    work and focused                       helps prepare her for                       and excess fluids.
    Reflexology.                                 baby’s  arrival.

Debra Bernath


  • Reduction of muscular pain, cramping and trigger points

  • Release of pressure and pain in the hip and sacroiliac joints

  • Stress and anxiety reduction, key to a healthy pregnancy

  • Increased circulation and reduction of fluid retention

  • Improved posture, body awareness and sleep

  • A deeper mother and baby connection