Bodywork is more than a one-time treatment, adding it to your self-care routine can create increased wellness and help maintain your health.


  • Energy bodywork (Qigong Meridian Therapy, Shiatsu and Reflexology)

  • Therapeutic Integrated Massage (which includes myofascial, somatic, deep pressure, range of motion techniques as well as work with essential oils)

  • Perinatal massage (before, during and after pregnancy) 

  • Wellness classes in The Dragon's Way (stress reduction and weight balance) and Wu Ming Qigong for Breast Health

These forms of bodywork assist in the relief of:

  • Stress and low and/or stagnant energy (Qi)

  • Tension throughout body

  • Shoulder, back and foot pain

  • Anxiety and other nervous or emotional symptoms

  • Pregnancy discomfort related to lower back, sacrum, shoulder, hip, edema, etc.

"Loved the session; very peaceful, calming and my aches and pains disappeared."

"After a session, I feel deeply relaxed. I try to go home directly and sleep for as long as I can. Usually that night I sleep very calmly, in addition to the previous “siesta”.  After 24 hours,  I feel renewed and full of energy and vigor.  No pains, no aches, just good feelings."

My practice has a foundation in extensive professional training and a clear understanding and knowledge of the physical and energetic anatomies. 

Your first visit includes filling out a health intake form and a short meeting where we get to know one another. I learn where your specific tension issues  need to be addressed.

"A session with Debra is memorable.  You will feel things you have never felt before. You will be changed.  The effects are long lasting and beneficial.  It is truly good work. Enjoy!”

My areas of specialty are:

Looking for some relief from tension and stress?

I offer intuitive, client-centered sessions, customized to the specific needs of every individual. Many of my clients come with stress, which can make the body go out of balance. To address this, I incorporate a variety of massage styles and also offer wellness classes based in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong.